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Finally, we have done a revamp of the entire website and we hope that you like it! 2010 is the World Championships and of course we hope that there are no civil injuries and that the best team comes out on top!!

If you are currently training or playing soccer please bookmark this space for free workouts and recipes!

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heartSoccer Recipes Testimonials.. Just look at what actual customers say:

Well presented and excellently laid out- well researched having calories for each recipe. Very comprehensive dealing with starters, chicken, fish etc. Generally very favourable and a much needed resource.- Neil Robertson - Runs a large soccer school of 500 in Scotland
The book was great. I am always looking for ways to improve my players nutrition and my own, and this book gives so many different ideas... - James Jaggard - Pro Soccer player and in the off season a Personal trainer at a club

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The author is a professional athlete for the past 10+ years in Europe. These recipes are in my own bookshelf and are used throughout the seasons as a professional.

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