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“Tearing an ACL is one of the most devastating injuries for any athlete. Unfortunately, it has reached epidemic proportions in young female athletes where they are prone to this injury 7 – 10 times more than male athletes. ‘Protecting the Athletes Knee’ shows how to reduce the chances of an ACL injury with plyometric/Strength, Speed & Agility workouts and is a book that every young female soccer player should own.”

—Mike Saif is the owner and President of World Class Coaching, and the editor of the World Class Coaching magazine. Mike is the head coach of the KC Dynamos 87 Girls, 2001 USYSA U14 Girls National Champions.



Endorsed By Orthopedic Surgeons!

“Research has now shown programs, such as the one outlined here, can and do decrease the risk of ACL injury.  My own children have completed this program, and they will repeat it yearly.”—- Dr. Edwards, of Ohio Riverside Sports Medicine at the Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence in Columbus, Ohio, is a specialist in sports medicine.  He is a team physician for The Columbus Crew Major League Soccer Team and several other local sports teams.


Have you ever suffered a serious knee injury?

Looking to prevent an ACL injury?

Want to avoid lost playing time due to a knee injury?

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What is Protecting the Athlete’s Knee


Why Do You Need This Book?

  • This 95 page manual covers injury prevention and performance training
  • Learn how to perform a general screening to asses risk level for an ACL injury
  • Reduce injuries through science-based strength training exercises
  • Develop increased power with safe and effective plyometric training
  • Learn how to run properly using sound running mechanics
  • Increase speed and acceleration through our running drills
  • Improve first step reaction and explosiveness
  • Discover agility drills to improve ability to change direction rapidly
  • Develop better dynamic balance and knee stability
  • Reduce muscle strains with effective warm-up and stretching routine
  • Have access to an easy to follow sample 8 week training program
  • Low cost program created by physical therapists and professional strength coaches
  • Perform drills on the field


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