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Discover The Secrets To Winning More Soccer Games In Less Than 5 Days" ...Scientists Discover the Secrets to Winning More Soccer Games INSIDE the Player Stomach!

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  • Soccer Fuel

    How many times have you played and felt very sluggish in the second half? "You Can Score More Goals By Eating Soccer Food" and yes it really is true!
  • Player's Cookbook

    And that's what Soccer Recipes is -- a no-nonsense soccer player's cookbook that's laser-focused on building strength, energy and stamina.
  • A Hidden Problem

    With all of the wild nutrition claims that you read on food labels, with all of the hype that you see on television, with all of the conflicting information that you read in the soccer rags
  • Increased Performance

    Soccer Recipes is loaded with good tasting food that's good for you and especially formulated for the soccer player. That's because Soccer Recipes was written BY a soccer player FOR soccer players.
  • You Are What You EAT

    You NEED a trusted source for meal advice that's tuned to the physical demands of a soccer player. Hi carb meals provide the stamina required to finish the game. The more energy you have to burn, the better your game becomes! Bet Blind
  • Stomach Rule Book

    Soccer Recipes is chock-full of good-tasting, eye-pleasing, good smellin' meals and high energy carb snacks that are so easy to make that you may never be tempted to eat anywhere but your own kitchen again!

heartSoccer Recipes Testimonials.. Just look at what actual customers say:

Well presented and excellently laid out- well researched having calories for each recipe. Very comprehensive dealing with starters, chicken, fish etc. Generally very favourable and a much needed resource.- Neil Robertson - Runs a large soccer school of 500 in Scotland
The book was great. I am always looking for ways to improve my players nutrition and my own, and this book gives so many different ideas... - James Jaggard - Pro Soccer player and in the off season a Personal trainer at a club

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About Soccer Recipes

The author is a professional athlete for the past 10+ years in Europe. These recipes are in my own bookshelf and are used throughout the seasons as a professional.

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